Kodas Kamp was the idea of Koda Bigham, age 6, in March of 2012. Koda is the older brother of Brynne, who has several serious medical needs. Siblings of medically dependent children (MDCs) experience life lessons that most adults have trouble grasping. 

                                                                    Koda, like many siblings of MDCs, has learned to aid in taking care of his sister, can

                                                                    understand medical terminology, has gained the ability to adapt to stressful situations

                                                                    and most of all, to understand when he might not get to have all of the mommy/daddy

                                                                    time he wants and deserves.


                                                                    Koda was watching TV with our family as a news cast explained a sick child was

                                                                    receiving a gift, He asked us “What about all the brothers and sisters of all the sick

                                                                    kids?” Not understanding what he was trying to ask, we asked him what he meant. “I

                                                                    bet they'd like to get to do something fun, don't you?” he said. "Yes" was our answer. 

                                                After discussing several of his ideas (including a big game hunt for lots of kids, which scared us                                                      half to death!), Koda approved the lower-key idea of a camp where siblings of medically                                                                    dependent children can relax and enjoy just being a kid.

                                                We are so thankful for our board of directors who jumped at the chance to  make Koda's dream                                                      come true!


                                                Koda is now 13 and is active in the planning and fundraising for Kodas Kamp. Now, in its 8th year,                                                  he is excited to see his dream continue to make a difference in the lives of siblings of medically                                                        dependent children and their families.

                                                Kodas Kamp is underwritten by Brynne's Smiles, Inc. a non-profit organization focused on                                                                Sharing More in Life's Everyday Struggles. To find out more about Brynne's Smiles and how you                                                    can share SMILES with us visit www.brynnessmiles.org.